I started making this cube without knowing exactly why but I wanted it to be big. That it wouldn’t fit through doors I didn’t mind so much. The solution I found for this situation was that I would saw each part seperately and later glue it all together. When I was finished sawing I stood before the choice: Shall I glue it together inside or outside the space? Because if I would glue it inside the cube would never come out, but if I’d glue it outside the cube could never come in again. My thoughts were that it may be better that the cube can still go everywhere and never come in, than for it to be stuck inside forever. 

And when the cube stood in front of the door and the rest of my work was inside I could see clearly what I had made: It was a cube made without knowing why, that could not fit through the door and because of that could not stand with the other works I was presenting.